The House Upkeep Checklist

Looking after a property can be strenuous. The list of tasks which need to be carried out yearly and monthly can stack up uncontrollably if left to their own devices.

Here is a brief overview of what needs to be done when looking after a property. For new home owners especially, this list could have some points you may of overlooked.


Clean kitchen sink waste disposal. Inspect and possibly change filters in air conditioning units. Change range hood filters. Inspect any fire extinguishers you have.


Test smoke alarms. Make sure the garage door auto-reverse is functioning correctly. Run water and flush toilets if they are not regularly used. Check water softener and add salt if required.


Test the boilers pressure valve. Give the house a general deep clean. Replace batteries in smoke detectors. Vacuum refrigerator coils.

A general list, but may cover some areas you may not of thought of.


Why a Splash of Paint can make a Big Difference

Painting the outside of your house can be a big job, but just adding a splash of paint on your front entrance door, garage door and guttering can make your property look a lot nicer. Whether you want to make your property ‘pop out’ a little bit, or you’re just looking to repaint those external elements, choose a colour and run with it.

You can create a nice theme if you match your front door with your garage and guttering, while wooden window frames can look really nice if they’ve been painted carefully. It can seem off, but a few tins of paint can increase you home’s value, and it’s certainly a job worth doing if you’re looking to place it back onto the property market in several month’s time.

Smartening up your Property

There are many different home improvements that cna increase the value of your property, and you should start with the first impression. If the outside of your property is exhausted, with damaged brickwork, cracks, stains, window and door marks and damaged roofing tiles, then you may want to get each of these aspects fixed.

Painting the outside of you property and putting up hanging baskets, flowers pots and new doors and windows can all help. There are so many small details that can make a property look nice on the outside, and if your place is in tip top shape inside, you can increase the price of your home.

Don’t expect minor changes to increase the value by 20 percent or more, because location, rooms and room size will always have be big contributing factors to the costs, but small improvements do work, and they’re certainly worth doing.