Tips to Retrieving your Full Tenancy Deposit

A deposit can occasionally mean a payment in the world of lettings, and students, in particular have seen huge sums taken out of their tenancy deposits, perhaps for damage or using up the landlords time. This is however, unlikely if you have kept your house in good conditions.

An inventory is a valuable document both for landlords and tenants, and it can help make sure you receive your tenancy deposit. An inventory gives the tenant an opportunity to note down the condition of the home, therefore when they leave, they can say ‘the damage was already there’ or ‘I didn’t do this’.

We recommend you take images with a camera that records the date and time, so that the images can be looked at, at the end of your tenancy, meaning the landlord will have to give your deposit back, else you can take them to court.

Moving out in the Open Country

If you’ve been a town or city person throughout your life, then moving to the country can be a big change. You may want to break away from the busy life, and live in natural surroundings with nothing but ducks, foxes and birds to keep you company.

Many people will argue that renting in the countryside is not always cheap, and some could see lining out in the open country as a luxury, which is why prices are likely to be higher than those homes on the outskirts of towns and cities.

There are plenty of reasons why you may not want to move too far out in the country, and the main reason involves amenities. Bus routes, shops, supermarkets, schools and main roads are important to our daily lives. Commuting on long exhausting country roads can be problematic especially in the winter when the gritters may have ignored your area.


If you have children, the school run shouldn’t literally be a school ‘RUN’, and it’s always good to have one nearby within walking distance.

Before you make the move to rent or buy a home out in the open country think carefully about your daily  life, perhaps even your future, because while there is plenty of grass in the countryside, it may not be greener.

Property Lettings in the UK!

Are you worried about the large prices or costs involving some properties? We possess a solution for you. You could consider letting out some. Property lettings services are easy to access form of leasing that be sure you demands for various home are met. If you used to be considering getting some company space, car, machinery of different type or some luxurious property and the like, you could let some.
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