Making your new house feel like home

When you move into a new house it can feel a little odd at first as everything feels a bit unfamiliar. Very often it can be the way a new house smells, particularly if it’s been empty for a while, it can sometimes smell a bit damp. The best way to combat this is to give the place a good clean. Start by wiping down all the surfaces with a nice smelling anti bac spray then wipe out the cupboard and all the door handles and lastly sprinkle a bicarb based fragranced powder over the carpets and have a good vac round.  Then light your favourite scented candles and put out some of your homely bits and bobs such as cushions and blankets. Make up all the beds with your favourite bedding and get the basics in all the rooms that you can. Don’t forget you can always move stuff around in the coming weeks if you prefer a different layout but just getting the boxes away should help you to feel more settled.

Once you have been in the house for a few days it will start to feel like home again, get your family photos up and don’t worry about keeping places empty to decorate as it doesn’t take long to move a few pictures when the time comes.