Electrical Wiring For A Modern Home

Modern homes require modern electrical wiring so they can be compatible with today’s electronics. Because of this, builders recommend installing Category 5 (Cat-5) twisted-pair wire for voice and data transmissions and RG6 quad shielded coaxial cable for video.

Though more expensive than traditional wiring, these conductors are better able to handle the demands of high-speed transmissions, which means there is less interference and clearer reception.

Wiring of this category is organised into a home network. This consolidates all of the wiring, instead of having many separate wires (for power, telephone, cable or satellite TV, computer) all daisy-chained through your walls. A network puts everything into a single, central hub.  The hub wire then runs directly from this hub to each room, where modular outlets provide access to services.

Newly introduced wireless networking products can connect computers, printers, or other devices, as can kits that use the existing electrical or telephone wiring in your house.